Renting accommodation laundry

We offer renting and cleaning services of bed linen and towels on a monthly based service. There are predefined sets BASIC, KING and TOWEL.

BASIC – a set intended for one guest bedrooms
KING – a set intended for two guests in a bedroom with a king size bed
TOWEL – an additional set of towels for one person to be combined with a set

For a fixed monthly fee you receive bed linen and towels according to the set you chose and five exchanges of dirty for clean laundry set in a 30 day period. We bring the sets to your site where we do the exchange. With this service, all your problems with washing the laundry or delivering it or picking it up from a laundry service are gone.


  • Easier running of renting business
  • Time-saving
  • Savings on detergent, bleacher, softener etc.
  • The whole care and storage of the linen and towels are on us
  • Saving on logistics, resources, and energy
  • No more throwing away of linen with unwashable stains
  • Always clean and ironed bed linen and towels